You will receive:

  • My Complete Training + Nutrition Guide  

  • 15 Week Workout Program

    • Both a 4- and 5-Day Split

    • Different Training Cycles

    • Cardio Routines

    • Ab Routines

    • Warm-up Routines

    • Activation/Finisher Routines

  • Access to 20+ Videos that Extend the Guide

    • In Depth Videos Covering Every Chapter

    • My Personal Tips & Tricks

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group

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Is this program something for you?

This guide is about the main principles of training and nutrition. It focuses on building muscle and gaining strength, and it can be used regardless of whether you are bulking, cutting or maintaining. This program will challenge you & is designed for individuals who are confident in executing the main compound lifts with proper form.

Does this program include a diet plan? 

The guide includes a detailed nutrition part that will explain and guide you in setting up your own diet. This can be focused on putting on muscle, losing body fat or recomp your current physique. You will be able to calculate your daily caloric needs, set up your macros and adjust them to match your goals.

How much experience do you need to use this program? 

Although this guide contains videos to give a better understanding on how to perform certain movements, it is important that you are confident in executing the main compound lifts with proper form and that you have a basic understanding of performing exercises.

How long is this program? 

This is a 15 week program, including three different training cycles.

How many training days per week is this program? What is the split? 

You can either follow the 4-day or the 5-day split. The 4-day split contains two upper body days and two lower body days per week. The 5-day split contains two upper body and three lower body days.

Can it be done at home? 

This program requires a gym membership. 

Will it expire? 

This program is yours forever after purchasing it. 

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