GAINSBYBRAINS stands for personal growth inside and outside the gym, by combining fitness with positivity to encourage people to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Via several social media platforms, mainly Instagram and Youtube, I try to reach as many people as possible and provide them with informational, motivational and relatable content.


My name is Sophie and fitness changed my life. Why? As I was getting my bachelor's degree, I was going to the gym irregularly, without a plan or any knowledge on how to build muscle. I didn't feel balanced or in tune with my own body. I felt the need to change. 

I started to make fitness a priority and found myself dedicating every moment that I had researching fitness related topics and studying scientific articles. I gained a lot of knowledge about fitness and nutrition, was making great progress in the gym and I felt better than ever. I didn't quite get why this knowledge was so hard to access as a beginner, making the starting point of so many people harder than it needs to be. 

While I was finishing my master's degree, I decided to take on another challenge - becoming a certified personal trainer so that I would be able to transfer my knowledge to others, and help them change their lives as well.

Fitness not only makes you stronger physically, but also mentally. It is so much more than working towards your dream physique, it is about getting more disciplined and getting used to pushing and challenging yourself on a daily basis - aspects that will transfer to other areas of your life. Make it your life changer.